About Us

The first thing with which we started our work, the most difficult to find in stores, which is not found a day with the fire – beds for large dogs.
We share the notion of bed for a large dog and a bed for a small dog or cat, from personal experience we know – as far as big and small dogs in the home differ, and even more cats, it must be taken into account when choosing a bed for your pet. For example, a bed for a large dog should be durable, hard-wearing, can withstand the weight, active games, claws of dogs, not to absorb the smell of the dog (this problem is known to owners of medium and large dogs). We use the most durable, hard-wearing, moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant fabrics when creating a sleeping area for large dogs. Haustier large dog beds can be used indoors and outdoors in summer and winter. We make the large dog beds as practical and comfortable as possible for the pets, and easy to care for the owners.

Small dogs are characterized by tenderness and pampering, as a rule, they are allowed more than big dogs, small dogs often spend time on the couch, they like to snuggle in the master’s bed. Creating beds for small dogs, we use different fabrics such as furniture, microfiber, linen, cotton, fleece, and other soft fabrics, which create a real comfort for the pet, he can feel himself like in the master’s bed.