How do I clean a mattress from pet urine stains?

Urine stains on a mattress are one of the most persistent and difficult stains to clean. And many housewives simply do not know how to clean a mattress from urine and mop up the stain with water. And to combat the smell they spray their favorite perfume on the stain and around the room. But temporarily overpower the smell with perfume – not a way out of the situation. The presence of the odor indicates that the liquid is not completely scrubbed from the mattress. And as long as the contamination remains in place, house mites, bacteria and other parasites will have already found a cozy place in the mattress to breed.

In many cases, it is possible to remove stains and remove the smell of urine from the mattress with improvised means. But the independent cleaning should be carried out with the observance of technology. Otherwise the desire to return to the mattress cleanliness will turn into irrevocable damage to its upholstery. So, how to remove urine from a mattress by your own efforts?

How to remove a fresh urine stain from a mattress?

A fresh baby or pet urine stain will be removed almost instantly if you start cleaning the mattress as soon as the puddle appears. In this case you need to act very quickly and correctly!

Remove the cover from the mattress and send it to the wash. From the mattress you need to collect the liquid as quickly as possible with a dry towel or tissue! Use them to blot the surface of the mattress. Just by no means put pressure on the stain or rub it, so as not to push the liquid even deeper.
Vinegar can help eliminate the acrid smell of urine. It will neutralize the uric acid and destroy its smell. Vinegar should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1:3 and sprayed on the mattress from a spray gun. If you do not have a sprayer, apply the solution with a sponge, but immediately spread a tissue paper over the treated stain, so that it absorbs the excess moisture.
An ordinary baking soda, found in every housewife’s kitchen, will help to absorb any excess moisture. Spread the baking soda over the stain for 10-15 minutes, and it will absorb the rest of the vinegar solution and urine.
To remove stain from the surface of the mattresses hydrogen peroxide can be useful – you will definitely find it in your medicine cabinet. Dilute 100 ml of peroxide in 200 ml of water and shake well. Then with one of the above methods (sprayer or sponge with wipes) apply the composition to the stain directly on top of the baking soda scattered on it. As a result of the chemical reaction between baking soda and peroxide should form a thick and persistent foam. Allow it to work for two hours. The oxygen released profusely during the reaction effectively discolors the stain.
After 2 hours, blot the spot where the stain was with dry tissues and vacuum properly to collect the baking soda from the mattress. After such cleaning it is necessary to leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for at least 10 hours in order for the baking soda and vinegar odor to dry completely and air out.

This method can clean the mattress from human and even animal urine. Vinegar is great to deal even with the acrid smell of pet urine! Recall that this method is only suitable if the stain is fresh.

How to clean a mattress from dried urine stain?

If time has passed and the puddle is already dried – do not doubt, no improvised means you can not remove the stain and smell, in any case – without damage to the mattress. Urine has already penetrated into its depth.

Attention tip: On many websites you can see the recommendation, how to remove urine stain from the mattress, if it is dry, with bleach. Never do this! Chlorine is a powerful chemical agent against dirt, but you won’t be able to completely rinse your mattress from it! And a chlorinated mattress is not a good place to sleep, especially in a child’s bed. In addition, the upholstery of the product will also be at risk. At best it will simply harden and become rigid.

There is a more harmless way to remove urine from the mattress – cleaning with citric acid. Dilute a teaspoon in a glass of water and apply the composition to the stain. After 1.5-2 hours, blot the place of cleaning, vacuum it, and leave the mattress to finish drying. In most cases, the acid will dissolve and discolor the stain. But, as with bleach, we want to warn you that not every mattress upholstery will survive such an aggressive agent. In some cases, the stain will eat away with the fabric, and the mattress surface will create lint, unevenness, and, in the worst-case scenario, holes. Take the risk or not – you decide for yourself. But our experience has shown that there is a more economical way to get a clean and fresh mattress than buying a new one.

The only guaranteed way to remove the stain and odor with the mattress intact is a professional dry cleaning.

Urine mattress dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of mattresses from urine – removal of old stains in 1 hour!

Professional dry cleaning of a mattress with urine helps to get inside the mattress and destroy the dirt from inside. It is performed at home using the extractor method, with the use of potent detergents. Dry cleaning consists of several stages:

A detergent suitable for your type of mattress is selected from a professional line. All professional cleaners are environmentally friendly and safe for children and animals.
Using a special extractor vacuum, the detergent is sprayed onto the mattress. The cleaner under pressure penetrates into the deep layers of the product and destroys the dirt from the inside.
For stubborn stains the manual cleaning with stain removers is applied – they are effective against any type of dirt, but harmless for the mattress upholstery and filler.
The mattress is washed with clean water. At the same stage the excess moisture is removed from it. The mattress dries completely after cleaning in 4-10 hours in natural conditions.
Special fragrances help to completely remove the smell of urine from the mattress.
Even if the stain on the mattress is not very big, dry cleaning is performed on the whole surface of the mattress. This is done to ensure that after cleaning, the treated place does not differ in color from the rest of the area. After all, as a result of dry cleaning, the clean upholstery will become noticeably lighter than the untreated sides of the mattress.

Please note: If you notice a urine stain on the mattress, do not rub it with common household cleaners! Dishwashing detergents, soaps, and other chemical bottles will not cope with the stain, but you can irrevocably spoil the upholstery with stains.

In case you are trying to clean the mattress with the chemicals at hand no dry cleaning will give you the guarantee for the work. Do not risk your mattress and you’d better leave it in the hands of professionals!

The masters of “Eco-Cleaning” will dry-clean the mattress from the urine of animals or clean the mattress from the urine of a baby in 1 hour. An effective cleaning method, powerful detergents, and our 7 years of experience in dry cleaning mattresses from urine and other types of dirt is a guarantee of cleanliness for your bed and the health of your family.

If you are not satisfied with the result after your mattress dries, we will clean it again at our own expense.

What is the best mattress filler to choose

What mattress filler to choose The right orthopedic mattress filler will help to improve the quality of sleep and health condition. Modern types of mattress fillers: reliably support the spine; reduce back and neck pain; take the shape of the body; prevent the development of allergies and the reproduction of mites and bacteria; create comfortable conditions for rest (heat in winter, quality ventilation and a pleasant coolness in summer). What are the fillers for mattresses In the photo of a mattress in the section you can find the springs (not always) and several different layers at once. Both spring and no spring models in most cases are multi-layered, and each material has certain characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The most common fillers for mattresses: coconut coir polyurethane foam; latex; felt; struttofiber; foam; wool; fabric; syntepuh.

Choosing a mattress filler will help you know the pros and cons of the most common materials in the manufacture of orthopedic products. Coconut Natural coir has the following properties: does not rot; prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms; springy (the composition contains lignin – a natural polymer); ventilates; does not retain moisture inside. The use of coir allows you to create the best orthopedic designs medium and large stiffness, which can be used in the correction of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It can be found in children’s models, as a solid base for sleep is the key to health and proper development of the spine at an early age. Mattresses with natural latex coconut are completely safe, as this material is hypoallergenic, “breathes”, limiting the risks of fungus, bacteria and mites Coconut filler for mattresses are combined with foam and other bases to get practical and comfortable double-sided options. The disadvantages of coir include high cost, so some manufacturers replace it with a less durable needle-punched fiber to reduce the price. Learn more about the characteristics and advantages of coconut from the video review. Polyurethane foam Polyurethane foam is quite often used in padding, as it is affordable and has a number of positive operational differences. Polyurethane foam is a modern version of foam rubber, which includes additional components to provide: anatomic effect (repeats the shape and curves of the body), quality support for the spine, comfortable sleep. A significant disadvantage of polyurethane foam is its shorter durability in comparison with other materials. Latex Depending on its origin, a distinction is made between natural latex (produced from treated and foamed sap of the caoutchouc tree – Hevea) and synthetic latex. Its advantages are: sufficient rigidity (especially for synthetic); free air circulation; ability to maintain an optimal moisture balance; hypoallergenicity; dense texture, which does not allow bacteria to reproduce; ability to model body contours and unload the back; durability (service life 30 years or more). It is often used in combination with other padding, and the disadvantage is considered a high price. Latex mattresses are suitable for people with impaired bone and joint functionality, and regular pain, manifested even after a night’s rest.

Felt Felt is obtained by combining and pressing at high temperatures of natural and artificial fibers (linen, synthetic, etc.). It can be soft and hard, used as a barrier between the other layers. Often the felt layer is present in the spring models, redistributing the weight of the lying around the perimeter of the structure and protecting the remaining layers from direct contact with the springs. From the classic felt were created modern variations of the material: Thermofiber is a tough and strong fabric, which guarantees durability and protection of soft fabrics from damage by the spring block. Thermoflex is a fabric made of regenerated cotton and polyester fibers arranged horizontally. A special production technology provides a high elasticity and air permeability. Spunbond – a nonwoven fabric of dense structure and optimal moisture absorption, creates optimal conditions for long-term use, distributing the load evenly over the entire area. Sprut is a lightweight, bulky fabric made of cotton fibres and wool. Significant deformation resistance and resistance to UV radiation. It is suitable for people with allergies. Struttofiber Struttofiber is used to create durable and reliable surfaces due to the vertical arrangement of the fibers. It is used for the arrangement of the frame basis, which is supplemented with different components to obtain certain properties: lightness; density; heat saving; air circulation; phytotherapeutic effect. It is used as an additional layer. The advantage is considered the prolongation of the life of the product, and the disadvantage is a rather high price. Foam Increasingly replacing the traditional bases are foam substances, presented in several varieties: Mineral. Characterized by significant density and elasticity, a good anatomical effect. It is ideal for people whose work is connected with physical labor and athletes. The foam relieves the back and reduces pressure on the joints and bones. Memory Foam is a special substance with the function of “memory”. It is made of a dense polyurethane with latex. A distinctive feature is a strong sensitivity to changes in loading, allowing it instantly adjusts to the sleeping position. Memory Foam is ideal for those who suffer from neck and spine pain, helps to take any comfortable position and fully relax during the night’s rest. Remarkably, when the load is removed, the surface completely evens out in a matter of seconds. OrmaFoam is a budget variety of foam produced from polyurethane foam. Comfortable sleep is guaranteed by high-quality support of the spine, even pressure distribution and repetition of the contours of the body of the sleeper. Well ventilated, hygroscopic and does not cause undesirable reactions of increased sensitivity. Spring Foam is a cellular synthetic material, which ensures perfect thermal regulation regardless of the season. It is distinguished by its resistance to abrasion and excellent ventilation. Significant density prevents the growth of dust mites and other pathogens. Othoflex is hypo-allergenic elastic structure ensuring correct sleeping position. It has massage effect and high density preventing deformation even under intensive loads. Other filling materials used in the filling: Animal hair. The layer allows to keep warmth and create an optimal microclimate in the bed, and contact with it contributes to the normalization of pressure. Such a layer absorbs moisture, but quickly dries out, is practical and durable. Cotton. Delicate and pleasant hygroscopic fabric, which can eliminate excessive heat, providing extra comfort during sleep. Most often used for thermal regulation in double-sided models (winter-summer). Syntepuch. Soft and light, voluminous nonwoven material made of silicone spiral-shaped fibers. Able to quickly restore its shape after compression. The texture is similar to bird down, but more flexible, does not cause allergies and provides thermal insulation qualities. Hollofiber is interlaced, hollow polyester fibers that are air-penetrating, keep warm, do not absorb moisture and odors. Suitable for asthmatics and allergic persons. There are also unusual mattress fillers: horse hair; camel hair; polystyrene granules; algae; buckwheat husks. The use of algae and buckwheat has a phytotherapeutic effect. What properties to consider when choosing Trying to choose which filler is better for a mattress, you should be guided by individual needs, personal preferences and medical prescriptions. The best mattress filler can be chosen by focusing on its key properties: Naturalness. Natural substances are more environmentally friendly than artificial ones, although they are more expensive. Sleeping on natural material is more natural and pleasant for a person, but in some cases it can cause an allergic reaction

Mattresses for dogs large and small breeds: types, tips for choosing

Before you buy a puppy, you need to provide him with a comfortable environment in the house. And one of the most important points is the arrangement of the sleeping place, where the pet will rest, isolated from the outside world. When choosing a mattress for the dog, you should consider the peculiarities of the breed and age.
A mattress for a dog
Buying a mattress bed for a four-legged friend is carried out long before the pet comes indoors. The design provides a high level of comfort and also protects furniture items from damage by a curious puppy.

Before purchasing a dog bed, you need to determine the size of the pet when it sleeps. Also consider the favorite sleeping position, as some puppies like to sleep curled up, while others like to stretch out. In the first case, measure the distance from head to croup with a little room for the limbs. Depending on the size of the pet, the size of the cot is chosen. The pet should fit completely on the sleeping place.

If the puppy prefers the second option and curls up in a ball, before going to sleep, you need to measure in this position. Many manufacturers are guided by the following mattress sizes:
50-40 cm – for Pekingese, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and other small breeds.
70×50 cm – designed for dachshunds, pugs, French bulldogs and medium-sized individuals.
90x60cm – for medium-sized breeds such as English bulldogs, Whippets and Foxhounds.
110×70 cm – designed for large pets.
If you want to buy a puppy of a large breed, such as an Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland or Tibetan Mastiff, you will need a more spacious bed.
Types of Dog Mattresses
There are different types of dog mattresses available for sale, which differ in size, performance and purpose. The most popular types are soft dog beds with high sides. They are versatile and suitable for both miniature and giant breeds. The models available on the market come in a variety of materials, colors and sizes.

The beds with sides are the best choice for puppies who like to sleep in the curl position. The size of the product is determined so that the pet feels comfortable and does not feel cramped. If your dog has a smooth coat or is a hairless breed, a bed made of plush, corduroy, or faux fur is better. These materials have good insulating properties and do not require complicated care.

The next popular type is envelopes and houses. They are designed for miniature dogs, such as yorkies and Toyas, who need increased comfort and warmth. The pet can completely hide in such a mink and isolate itself from external stimuli. The materials used are fabric and fur.

ypes of Dog Mattresses
There are different types of dog mattresses available for sale, which differ in size, performance and purpose. The most popular types are padded dog beds with high sides. They are versatile and suitable for both miniature and giant breeds. The models available on the market come in a variety of materials, colors and sizes.

The beds with sides are the best choice for puppies who like to sleep in the curl position. The size of the product is determined so that the pet feels comfortable and does not feel cramped. If your dog has a smooth coat or is a hairless breed, a bed made of plush, corduroy, or faux fur is better. These materials have good insulating properties and do not require complicated care.

The next popular type is envelopes and houses. They are designed for miniature dogs, such as yorkies and Toyas, who need increased comfort and warmth. The pet can completely hide in such a mink and isolate itself from external stimuli. Fabric and fur are used as materials of manufacture.

Envelopes and lodges are an ideal choice for owners of smooth-haired or hairless dogs who are afraid of cold and like to hide under blankets.

There are also regular dog beds with a flat surface and no sides. They are used by owners of medium to large dogs who prefer to rest in a stretched out position. The range of sizes and shapes is quite extensive. The square models made of dense fabric or fur are in particular demand.

Among owners of four-legged pets, orthopedic mattresses for dogs are in great demand. Such designs will be useful for old, large and sick animals who suffer from spinal problems. If the dog does not move much, it quickly gains weight, which negatively affects the joints. Orthopedic sleeping surfaces are used to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
Another popular type of mattresses are cot beds. They are popular because of their compact size and ease of operation. You can take them with you on trips and in the countryside. The presence of stable metal legs provides good fixation and durability.
What to look for when choosing

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a mattress for a pet, you need to consider several selection criteria:
Dimensions. They are chosen taking into account the breed and size of the pet. And even if the puppy has a miniature size, it is recommended to buy models “for growth”, allowing the pet to fully stretch out and spread his paws. When calculating the size, you should measure the distance from the feet to the croup and double it.
Shape. To choose the best shape, you should take into account the favorite pose in which the pet rests.
Material of manufacture. It is chosen taking into account several factors. First of all, it is hypoallergenic properties and quality. The mattress should not cause the pet allergies or cause discomfort.
A dog bed: how to choose the right one
Choosing a dog bed for your four-legged friend, you need to carefully consider the peculiarities of his breed and individual preferences.

For medium and large dogs with long hair, buy mattresses made of dense fabric. If the pet is elderly, it is better to buy models with springs. In the presence of a smooth-haired coat, it is recommended to use soft mattresses made of plastic or wood.

Miniature breeds choose soft surfaces equipped with borders, or envelopes and houses.

The choice should be based on the breed’s characteristics and expert advice to be worthwhile.


Your four-legged friend needs his own place in the apartment. At least a comfortable, warm cot. Better yet, a full-fledged sleeping place with orthopedic properties. The models in our review will help you understand what a mattress for a dog should be.

The simple pleasures of puppyhood

Experienced dog owners know: if the pet is not accustomed to the place in time, it will be very difficult to reeducate him. A dog bed can keep your pet’s furniture out of the dog’s reach. And even if you allow your faithful friend to snuggle with you in bed or rest on the couch, you should not refuse to buy a mattress.

Having his own corner doesn’t just instill discipline in your dog. It also means comfort, safety and security. The pet knows where it can retreat and rest at any time of the day, and this is important for the psychological health of the pet.

Mattresses for dogs are not universal, although the same models will work well for different breeds. For example, mattresses marked S, which have a width of 47 cm and a length of 64 cm, are designed for yorkies, pygmy pinschers, dachshunds and poodles, Japanese chins, Pekinese, Chihuahuas and others. In order for the baby dog not to catch cold on the cold floor, the height of the bed should not be less than 10 cm.

Watch how your pooch sleeps: curled up in a ball or stretched out to his full length. Don’t let the mattresses fit – leave extra centimeters on all sides. With that in mind, owners of Akita Inu, Cocker Spaniels, standard poodles and dachshunds, Huskies, Chow Chows and other medium-sized breeds should look for mattresses that are 90cm long and 50cm wide (labelled M).

If you have a beautiful St Bernard, powerful Rottweiler or Irish Wolfhound, kind-hearted Labrador or Moscowskaya Storazhevaya – choose a soft and roomy mattress with L marking (97cm by 117cm). And the most compact products with a width of 37 cm and a length of 50 cm sit puppies or miniature dogs of decorative breeds (mini yorkie, Pomeranian Spitz) comfortably.

The most practical, hard-wearing and easy-care mattress covers are made from burlap, velour, jacquard or flock. It is better to refuse synthetic fabrics. Inside the soft bed for the dog may be the same as in the mattress of its owner: polyurethane foam (PPU), latex and shape memory foam. The materials are hypoallergenic, resistant to deformation, provide the bed with elasticity and comfort.

Guided by the principle “no match for taste and color”, we have made a diverse selection of mattresses for dogs. You will find models that differ in appearance, basic characteristics and cost.


A simple, comfortable and inexpensive dog bed. Made as a cushion with stitching that highlights the sleeping area. Filling is granular polyurethane foam – keeps your pet warm and supports the relaxed body in a comfortable position.

The light cover of neutral color is not removable. And this is probably the main disadvantage of the product. The cot will have to wash it completely. But there is good news: the cover is made of cotton jacquard. Care for the fabric is easy. It lends itself well to washing and does not deform.

The full size range makes it possible to buy PETTISON ROXI JACCARD mattress for the owner of any breed.


A soft dog bed filled with foam pellets, just made for cozying up your favorite puppy. The oval shape is a godsend for dogs who love to hide their noses and sleep curled up. The product has a rim, so the dog will feel safe. In addition, high edges protect your four-legged friend from drafts.

As in the previous model, the cover is not removable. It is made of sateen, a firm, durable, pleasant to the touch and slightly shiny fabric. It could be hoovered and washed.

Thanks to the monotonous and modest colouring the mattress PETTISON LOKI SATIN looks stylish and laconic. It blends well into any interior.


Visually, this rectangular mattress looks like a neat rug. It can be rolled up like a rug, and the flexible filling does not suffer in any way. The letter L in the model name means that the basis of the mattress is latex. The thickness of the layer is 3 cm. The porous, elastic material allows the air to easily pass through. Latex does not accumulate odors, provides comfortable support for the sleeping pet’s body.

Another undoubted advantage of the product is its removable velour cover in beige, blue, gray or other colors. The soft fabric is machine washable on a gentle cycle.


This model can be called elite, because every detail is thought out. There are soft edges around the whole perimeter of the product. The skirting along the long side has a smooth curve in the center, so it is easy for your pet to come in and out.

The removable, moisture-proof cover may be made of soft velour or tougher-touch burlap. There is a choice of colors as well. PETTISON MAILO 2 mattress is bicolor. The owner can choose the combination of colors for his pet himself.

Inside the cot is a polysphere. Small balls of artificial fibers keep the original shape of the product and provide comfort during sleep.


A mobile bed with handles, which can be taken even on trips or hikes. The mattress can be folded in half. No bends or creases on the inside. Fasteners are Velcro strips.

For the zippered cover you can choose the fabric (velour or rogozhka) and color. The “inner world” of the mattress is also diverse. The filling consists of a 10-cm layer of polyurethane foam and a 2-cm layer of Memoryx foam. Thanks to this, the dog bed takes the shape of the dog’s body.

Besides buying a mattress that perfectly suits the pet in all respects, you need to correctly allocate a place in the house or apartment for your four-legged friend. Cynologists and veterinarians do not recommend placing a dog bed near radiators, in a draft or by the door or in a hallway. A quiet, hidden from prying eyes corner and comfortable mattress – a win-win duo for quiet and proper rest of the beloved pet.

How to choose a dog bed?

Any dog should definitely have his own place and be accustomed to it from his first days in the house. Let your puppy – within reason:) – Determine it for himself. And after that, make his place as comfortable as possible with a comfortable dog bed, mat, couch, or special doggie “house”.

In a safe haven your pet will be able to rest and hide from the annoyance of overindulgent owners) Number of zeros on the price tag of dog beds, its exclusivity and compatibility with the interior – factors are of little importance for the dog. The place should be chosen primarily for its size, breed and individual preferences. The right spot and the correct lie down are essential for the psychological comfort of your dog: a dog which feels safe, secure and goes to his own bed when asked to do so by his master (and this is essential if you want a well brought up dog). A dog that is not accustomed to its place has all the chances to become a nervous and sometimes uncontrollable “crank”, who will disturb the owners and annoy the guests.


  • pay attention to the quality of the materials of which the dog bed is made – it must provide comfort, durability and ease of care;
  • dog beds get dirty and greasy quickly, so look for beds that can be easily removed for washing and drying;
  • Choose beds with natural bedding that won’t cause allergies or cause electrification;

-Make sure beds are the right size for your dog. Look closely at his sleeping posture: some lie down so an oval changing bed with a rim may be best for him, while others like to stretch out, like a daybed;

-Buying a dog bed, you should also take into account that, laying on it more comfortable, the dog some time stomping, twisting, sometimes as if “raking” a place for themselves. And if the material is not of high quality, then soon the dog bed may be out of order.


The dog bed is a place where the dog should feel safe. Place the dog bed in such a way that, on the one hand, it should be a secluded corner of the apartment, away from the path of frequent movement of the household. At the same time most dogs feel uncomfortable if they can’t see what’s going on in the apartment, so place the dog bed in a way that gives them the necessary visibility. In order to prevent drafts from affecting the pet, the dog bed should be about 8 cm above the floor. Never place the dog bed near radiators, electrical appliances, by the front door or near a balcony. To prevent the dog from “occupying” sofas and chairs, sometimes you have to put a dog bed in every room.


It’s best to get your pet accustomed to the dog bed from infancy. Every time your puppy eats, plays and goes to sleep in a corner he likes, take him to his bed and say “Stay put”. He’ll try to run away, but you say it again. Pet him as he calms down. Remember that a dog’s place is his “untouchable” area. He should not be punished here, and you should not store things on the dog bed, sit there by himself, or use it as a seating area for guests.

An adult dog will have no trouble accustoming him to the dog bed if he already knows the “Place” command. You can also toss “surprise treats” on the dog bed. Don’t force your pet onto the dog bed, as he needs time to adjust to the new “spot”. If your dog refuses to lie down on a bed, think carefully: it may be in the wrong place, have an uncomfortable construction or be made of material that irritates your dog’s skin


A bed or mat. If the house is warm and draught-free, this is a good place for large and medium sized dogs who like to sleep stretched out to their full height. In addition, the pet has the ability, within reason, to move their sleeping place. This type of bed is the easiest to care for. You will not need a lot of time to shake out of it dust, periodically wash and dry in the sun.

Modern manufacturers offer quality bedding at an average price of 85 000 to 450 000 rubles, depending on the quality and value of the material. The price may be higher if the bedding is equipped with additional features (for example, a mat for the dog with heating). Dog beds from Trixie with non-slip base are very convenient.

Dog beds come in plastic and padded. Of course, soft dog beds are more comfortable for your pet’s rest, but they are more difficult to care for. The base of plastic is quite strong, they do not slip and hold their shape. In terms of sanitation such sunbeds are preferable, because it is more practical in care. You can combine such a plastic sunbed with a bedding or a cover, which will periodically need to be washed.

Soft dog beds are available with sides and backs or without them. As a rule, dogs like the first option better. Loungers with sides are warmer, protect from drafts, besides there is a possibility to put muzzle on the edge of the bed, which is very convenient. Large and medium sized breeds like daybeds that are slightly elevated above the ground, which are a kind of sofas. The couch can be the most common: consist of the body and removable parts. But more expensive models may be orthopedic, have heating and cooling. Many manufacturers process dog beds with protective and anti-parasitic agents.

Dog beds are preferred for large breeds because they allow for proper positioning of the sleeping dog’s spine. But they are also suitable for smaller dogs. They’re just more “roomy” for big dogs, and smaller ones have smaller beds.

Dog beds are semi-enclosed or enclosed dog beds. They may also take the form of minks, kennels, and cradles. Dog houses are made of soft fabrics, there are models with insulated walls – such dog houses have good insulating properties.

Home “kennels” for dogs are preferable to buy for small breeds of dogs. Tiny toy terriers, chihuahuas, pygmy spitzes and yorkies love to hide in them – because in such a house the dog is warm and quiet. Of course, dogs of all breeds do not mind that their place was at the same time a personal home. The desire for protection from all sides, with the possibility of sticking out just his face remained in dogs from their distant ancestors. However, a house for large and medium sized dogs will cost noticeably more than their miniature counterparts.

If you have difficulty in choosing the type of dog bed, also look at the transformer houses, which if you want is easy to turn into a dog bed with a board or a comfortable chair.


To make sure the dog bed won’t be too big or small for your dog, you need to size it correctly. To do that, you need to measure your dog’s “length” from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. If you’re buying a dog bed, add 5-15cm or 20-30cm to the bottom to get the correct size. Also measure the height from foot to rump for a dog that sleeps on its side. Multiply that by 2 – that’s the optimal width for a dog bed.


Once a month, in order to prevent parasitic and skin diseases in the dog, the dog bed should be treated with a special hygiene spray. Modern care products also have antibacterial properties and remove unpleasant odors. Periodically, as dirt, but at least once every four weeks, wash the covers, and from the mattresses to knock out the dust. The place where the dog bed is located, conduct a wet cleaning every week.


You can buy a dog bed in a pet store, but the selection there is usually limited. Online stores offer a richer assortment. Order your favorite thing you can also on the website of the manufacturing company. Those wishing to have an exclusive thing, can buy a pet bed, made to order. There is another option – to buy a second-hand thing, but note that such a dog bed must be thoroughly disinfected and treated against parasites before inviting the dog to it.