How do I clean a mattress from pet urine stains?

Urine stains on a mattress are one of the most persistent and difficult stains to clean. And many housewives simply do not know how to clean a mattress from urine and mop up the stain with water. And to combat the smell they spray their favorite perfume on the stain and around the room. But temporarily overpower the smell with perfume – not a way out of the situation. The presence of the odor indicates that the liquid is not completely scrubbed from the mattress. And as long as the contamination remains in place, house mites, bacteria and other parasites will have already found a cozy place in the mattress to breed.

In many cases, it is possible to remove stains and remove the smell of urine from the mattress with improvised means. But the independent cleaning should be carried out with the observance of technology. Otherwise the desire to return to the mattress cleanliness will turn into irrevocable damage to its upholstery. So, how to remove urine from a mattress by your own efforts?

How to remove a fresh urine stain from a mattress?

A fresh baby or pet urine stain will be removed almost instantly if you start cleaning the mattress as soon as the puddle appears. In this case you need to act very quickly and correctly!

Remove the cover from the mattress and send it to the wash. From the mattress you need to collect the liquid as quickly as possible with a dry towel or tissue! Use them to blot the surface of the mattress. Just by no means put pressure on the stain or rub it, so as not to push the liquid even deeper.
Vinegar can help eliminate the acrid smell of urine. It will neutralize the uric acid and destroy its smell. Vinegar should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1:3 and sprayed on the mattress from a spray gun. If you do not have a sprayer, apply the solution with a sponge, but immediately spread a tissue paper over the treated stain, so that it absorbs the excess moisture.
An ordinary baking soda, found in every housewife’s kitchen, will help to absorb any excess moisture. Spread the baking soda over the stain for 10-15 minutes, and it will absorb the rest of the vinegar solution and urine.
To remove stain from the surface of the mattresses hydrogen peroxide can be useful – you will definitely find it in your medicine cabinet. Dilute 100 ml of peroxide in 200 ml of water and shake well. Then with one of the above methods (sprayer or sponge with wipes) apply the composition to the stain directly on top of the baking soda scattered on it. As a result of the chemical reaction between baking soda and peroxide should form a thick and persistent foam. Allow it to work for two hours. The oxygen released profusely during the reaction effectively discolors the stain.
After 2 hours, blot the spot where the stain was with dry tissues and vacuum properly to collect the baking soda from the mattress. After such cleaning it is necessary to leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for at least 10 hours in order for the baking soda and vinegar odor to dry completely and air out.

This method can clean the mattress from human and even animal urine. Vinegar is great to deal even with the acrid smell of pet urine! Recall that this method is only suitable if the stain is fresh.

How to clean a mattress from dried urine stain?

If time has passed and the puddle is already dried – do not doubt, no improvised means you can not remove the stain and smell, in any case – without damage to the mattress. Urine has already penetrated into its depth.

Attention tip: On many websites you can see the recommendation, how to remove urine stain from the mattress, if it is dry, with bleach. Never do this! Chlorine is a powerful chemical agent against dirt, but you won’t be able to completely rinse your mattress from it! And a chlorinated mattress is not a good place to sleep, especially in a child’s bed. In addition, the upholstery of the product will also be at risk. At best it will simply harden and become rigid.

There is a more harmless way to remove urine from the mattress – cleaning with citric acid. Dilute a teaspoon in a glass of water and apply the composition to the stain. After 1.5-2 hours, blot the place of cleaning, vacuum it, and leave the mattress to finish drying. In most cases, the acid will dissolve and discolor the stain. But, as with bleach, we want to warn you that not every mattress upholstery will survive such an aggressive agent. In some cases, the stain will eat away with the fabric, and the mattress surface will create lint, unevenness, and, in the worst-case scenario, holes. Take the risk or not – you decide for yourself. But our experience has shown that there is a more economical way to get a clean and fresh mattress than buying a new one.

The only guaranteed way to remove the stain and odor with the mattress intact is a professional dry cleaning.

Urine mattress dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of mattresses from urine – removal of old stains in 1 hour!

Professional dry cleaning of a mattress with urine helps to get inside the mattress and destroy the dirt from inside. It is performed at home using the extractor method, with the use of potent detergents. Dry cleaning consists of several stages:

A detergent suitable for your type of mattress is selected from a professional line. All professional cleaners are environmentally friendly and safe for children and animals.
Using a special extractor vacuum, the detergent is sprayed onto the mattress. The cleaner under pressure penetrates into the deep layers of the product and destroys the dirt from the inside.
For stubborn stains the manual cleaning with stain removers is applied – they are effective against any type of dirt, but harmless for the mattress upholstery and filler.
The mattress is washed with clean water. At the same stage the excess moisture is removed from it. The mattress dries completely after cleaning in 4-10 hours in natural conditions.
Special fragrances help to completely remove the smell of urine from the mattress.
Even if the stain on the mattress is not very big, dry cleaning is performed on the whole surface of the mattress. This is done to ensure that after cleaning, the treated place does not differ in color from the rest of the area. After all, as a result of dry cleaning, the clean upholstery will become noticeably lighter than the untreated sides of the mattress.

Please note: If you notice a urine stain on the mattress, do not rub it with common household cleaners! Dishwashing detergents, soaps, and other chemical bottles will not cope with the stain, but you can irrevocably spoil the upholstery with stains.

In case you are trying to clean the mattress with the chemicals at hand no dry cleaning will give you the guarantee for the work. Do not risk your mattress and you’d better leave it in the hands of professionals!

The masters of “Eco-Cleaning” will dry-clean the mattress from the urine of animals or clean the mattress from the urine of a baby in 1 hour. An effective cleaning method, powerful detergents, and our 7 years of experience in dry cleaning mattresses from urine and other types of dirt is a guarantee of cleanliness for your bed and the health of your family.

If you are not satisfied with the result after your mattress dries, we will clean it again at our own expense.

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