How to choose a dog bed?

Any dog should definitely have his own place and be accustomed to it from his first days in the house. Let your puppy – within reason:) – Determine it for himself. And after that, make his place as comfortable as possible with a comfortable dog bed, mat, couch, or special doggie “house”.

In a safe haven your pet will be able to rest and hide from the annoyance of overindulgent owners) Number of zeros on the price tag of dog beds, its exclusivity and compatibility with the interior – factors are of little importance for the dog. The place should be chosen primarily for its size, breed and individual preferences. The right spot and the correct lie down are essential for the psychological comfort of your dog: a dog which feels safe, secure and goes to his own bed when asked to do so by his master (and this is essential if you want a well brought up dog). A dog that is not accustomed to its place has all the chances to become a nervous and sometimes uncontrollable “crank”, who will disturb the owners and annoy the guests.


  • pay attention to the quality of the materials of which the dog bed is made – it must provide comfort, durability and ease of care;
  • dog beds get dirty and greasy quickly, so look for beds that can be easily removed for washing and drying;
  • Choose beds with natural bedding that won’t cause allergies or cause electrification;

-Make sure beds are the right size for your dog. Look closely at his sleeping posture: some lie down so an oval changing bed with a rim may be best for him, while others like to stretch out, like a daybed;

-Buying a dog bed, you should also take into account that, laying on it more comfortable, the dog some time stomping, twisting, sometimes as if “raking” a place for themselves. And if the material is not of high quality, then soon the dog bed may be out of order.


The dog bed is a place where the dog should feel safe. Place the dog bed in such a way that, on the one hand, it should be a secluded corner of the apartment, away from the path of frequent movement of the household. At the same time most dogs feel uncomfortable if they can’t see what’s going on in the apartment, so place the dog bed in a way that gives them the necessary visibility. In order to prevent drafts from affecting the pet, the dog bed should be about 8 cm above the floor. Never place the dog bed near radiators, electrical appliances, by the front door or near a balcony. To prevent the dog from “occupying” sofas and chairs, sometimes you have to put a dog bed in every room.


It’s best to get your pet accustomed to the dog bed from infancy. Every time your puppy eats, plays and goes to sleep in a corner he likes, take him to his bed and say “Stay put”. He’ll try to run away, but you say it again. Pet him as he calms down. Remember that a dog’s place is his “untouchable” area. He should not be punished here, and you should not store things on the dog bed, sit there by himself, or use it as a seating area for guests.

An adult dog will have no trouble accustoming him to the dog bed if he already knows the “Place” command. You can also toss “surprise treats” on the dog bed. Don’t force your pet onto the dog bed, as he needs time to adjust to the new “spot”. If your dog refuses to lie down on a bed, think carefully: it may be in the wrong place, have an uncomfortable construction or be made of material that irritates your dog’s skin


A bed or mat. If the house is warm and draught-free, this is a good place for large and medium sized dogs who like to sleep stretched out to their full height. In addition, the pet has the ability, within reason, to move their sleeping place. This type of bed is the easiest to care for. You will not need a lot of time to shake out of it dust, periodically wash and dry in the sun.

Modern manufacturers offer quality bedding at an average price of 85 000 to 450 000 rubles, depending on the quality and value of the material. The price may be higher if the bedding is equipped with additional features (for example, a mat for the dog with heating). Dog beds from Trixie with non-slip base are very convenient.

Dog beds come in plastic and padded. Of course, soft dog beds are more comfortable for your pet’s rest, but they are more difficult to care for. The base of plastic is quite strong, they do not slip and hold their shape. In terms of sanitation such sunbeds are preferable, because it is more practical in care. You can combine such a plastic sunbed with a bedding or a cover, which will periodically need to be washed.

Soft dog beds are available with sides and backs or without them. As a rule, dogs like the first option better. Loungers with sides are warmer, protect from drafts, besides there is a possibility to put muzzle on the edge of the bed, which is very convenient. Large and medium sized breeds like daybeds that are slightly elevated above the ground, which are a kind of sofas. The couch can be the most common: consist of the body and removable parts. But more expensive models may be orthopedic, have heating and cooling. Many manufacturers process dog beds with protective and anti-parasitic agents.

Dog beds are preferred for large breeds because they allow for proper positioning of the sleeping dog’s spine. But they are also suitable for smaller dogs. They’re just more “roomy” for big dogs, and smaller ones have smaller beds.

Dog beds are semi-enclosed or enclosed dog beds. They may also take the form of minks, kennels, and cradles. Dog houses are made of soft fabrics, there are models with insulated walls – such dog houses have good insulating properties.

Home “kennels” for dogs are preferable to buy for small breeds of dogs. Tiny toy terriers, chihuahuas, pygmy spitzes and yorkies love to hide in them – because in such a house the dog is warm and quiet. Of course, dogs of all breeds do not mind that their place was at the same time a personal home. The desire for protection from all sides, with the possibility of sticking out just his face remained in dogs from their distant ancestors. However, a house for large and medium sized dogs will cost noticeably more than their miniature counterparts.

If you have difficulty in choosing the type of dog bed, also look at the transformer houses, which if you want is easy to turn into a dog bed with a board or a comfortable chair.


To make sure the dog bed won’t be too big or small for your dog, you need to size it correctly. To do that, you need to measure your dog’s “length” from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. If you’re buying a dog bed, add 5-15cm or 20-30cm to the bottom to get the correct size. Also measure the height from foot to rump for a dog that sleeps on its side. Multiply that by 2 – that’s the optimal width for a dog bed.


Once a month, in order to prevent parasitic and skin diseases in the dog, the dog bed should be treated with a special hygiene spray. Modern care products also have antibacterial properties and remove unpleasant odors. Periodically, as dirt, but at least once every four weeks, wash the covers, and from the mattresses to knock out the dust. The place where the dog bed is located, conduct a wet cleaning every week.


You can buy a dog bed in a pet store, but the selection there is usually limited. Online stores offer a richer assortment. Order your favorite thing you can also on the website of the manufacturing company. Those wishing to have an exclusive thing, can buy a pet bed, made to order. There is another option – to buy a second-hand thing, but note that such a dog bed must be thoroughly disinfected and treated against parasites before inviting the dog to it.

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