Your four-legged friend needs his own place in the apartment. At least a comfortable, warm cot. Better yet, a full-fledged sleeping place with orthopedic properties. The models in our review will help you understand what a mattress for a dog should be.

The simple pleasures of puppyhood

Experienced dog owners know: if the pet is not accustomed to the place in time, it will be very difficult to reeducate him. A dog bed can keep your pet’s furniture out of the dog’s reach. And even if you allow your faithful friend to snuggle with you in bed or rest on the couch, you should not refuse to buy a mattress.

Having his own corner doesn’t just instill discipline in your dog. It also means comfort, safety and security. The pet knows where it can retreat and rest at any time of the day, and this is important for the psychological health of the pet.

Mattresses for dogs are not universal, although the same models will work well for different breeds. For example, mattresses marked S, which have a width of 47 cm and a length of 64 cm, are designed for yorkies, pygmy pinschers, dachshunds and poodles, Japanese chins, Pekinese, Chihuahuas and others. In order for the baby dog not to catch cold on the cold floor, the height of the bed should not be less than 10 cm.

Watch how your pooch sleeps: curled up in a ball or stretched out to his full length. Don’t let the mattresses fit – leave extra centimeters on all sides. With that in mind, owners of Akita Inu, Cocker Spaniels, standard poodles and dachshunds, Huskies, Chow Chows and other medium-sized breeds should look for mattresses that are 90cm long and 50cm wide (labelled M).

If you have a beautiful St Bernard, powerful Rottweiler or Irish Wolfhound, kind-hearted Labrador or Moscowskaya Storazhevaya – choose a soft and roomy mattress with L marking (97cm by 117cm). And the most compact products with a width of 37 cm and a length of 50 cm sit puppies or miniature dogs of decorative breeds (mini yorkie, Pomeranian Spitz) comfortably.

The most practical, hard-wearing and easy-care mattress covers are made from burlap, velour, jacquard or flock. It is better to refuse synthetic fabrics. Inside the soft bed for the dog may be the same as in the mattress of its owner: polyurethane foam (PPU), latex and shape memory foam. The materials are hypoallergenic, resistant to deformation, provide the bed with elasticity and comfort.

Guided by the principle “no match for taste and color”, we have made a diverse selection of mattresses for dogs. You will find models that differ in appearance, basic characteristics and cost.


A simple, comfortable and inexpensive dog bed. Made as a cushion with stitching that highlights the sleeping area. Filling is granular polyurethane foam – keeps your pet warm and supports the relaxed body in a comfortable position.

The light cover of neutral color is not removable. And this is probably the main disadvantage of the product. The cot will have to wash it completely. But there is good news: the cover is made of cotton jacquard. Care for the fabric is easy. It lends itself well to washing and does not deform.

The full size range makes it possible to buy PETTISON ROXI JACCARD mattress for the owner of any breed.


A soft dog bed filled with foam pellets, just made for cozying up your favorite puppy. The oval shape is a godsend for dogs who love to hide their noses and sleep curled up. The product has a rim, so the dog will feel safe. In addition, high edges protect your four-legged friend from drafts.

As in the previous model, the cover is not removable. It is made of sateen, a firm, durable, pleasant to the touch and slightly shiny fabric. It could be hoovered and washed.

Thanks to the monotonous and modest colouring the mattress PETTISON LOKI SATIN looks stylish and laconic. It blends well into any interior.


Visually, this rectangular mattress looks like a neat rug. It can be rolled up like a rug, and the flexible filling does not suffer in any way. The letter L in the model name means that the basis of the mattress is latex. The thickness of the layer is 3 cm. The porous, elastic material allows the air to easily pass through. Latex does not accumulate odors, provides comfortable support for the sleeping pet’s body.

Another undoubted advantage of the product is its removable velour cover in beige, blue, gray or other colors. The soft fabric is machine washable on a gentle cycle.


This model can be called elite, because every detail is thought out. There are soft edges around the whole perimeter of the product. The skirting along the long side has a smooth curve in the center, so it is easy for your pet to come in and out.

The removable, moisture-proof cover may be made of soft velour or tougher-touch burlap. There is a choice of colors as well. PETTISON MAILO 2 mattress is bicolor. The owner can choose the combination of colors for his pet himself.

Inside the cot is a polysphere. Small balls of artificial fibers keep the original shape of the product and provide comfort during sleep.


A mobile bed with handles, which can be taken even on trips or hikes. The mattress can be folded in half. No bends or creases on the inside. Fasteners are Velcro strips.

For the zippered cover you can choose the fabric (velour or rogozhka) and color. The “inner world” of the mattress is also diverse. The filling consists of a 10-cm layer of polyurethane foam and a 2-cm layer of Memoryx foam. Thanks to this, the dog bed takes the shape of the dog’s body.

Besides buying a mattress that perfectly suits the pet in all respects, you need to correctly allocate a place in the house or apartment for your four-legged friend. Cynologists and veterinarians do not recommend placing a dog bed near radiators, in a draft or by the door or in a hallway. A quiet, hidden from prying eyes corner and comfortable mattress – a win-win duo for quiet and proper rest of the beloved pet.

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